About Us

In 2020 ComfortCareSolutions.org became a reality and an online retailer providing essential products to help people live their best lives. After retiring out of the nursing field for more than 28 years, I still wanted to help and make a difference in people’s lives. I’ve cared for people of all walks of life and all different medical needs from hospitals to nursing homes to in home care, hospice care. I created this store in mind of all my different situations and experiences. I've come to acquire a preference in certain products that I have personal worked with as well as the new and improved products with new technologies.

 We have competitive pricing and aim to provide a memorable shopping experience with high quality products and top rated customer service. We thrive on building long lasting relationships with our customers for years to come.

Comfortcaresolutions.org is based out of Salem Oregon. Our goal is to help enhance peoples lives with high quality products that focus on comfort and wellness. We have experts on staff who can assist with answering questions or giving creative solutions to different situations.

We hope you have a fabulous shopping experience, If you have any question about our products or would like to check on availability please do not hesitate contact us at info@comfortcaresolutions.org or call toll free at 1-877-362-2680 to get in touch with us.